Knowledge empowers you not a loud voice!

The words that move the crowd, that influences them, impresses them and inspires them, are the tools of a great orator. There is no shortcut in being a good public speaker. You have to read a lot, acquire knowledge scattered around you, as much as possible. When we hear the world leaders delivering excellent speeches, we are spellbound. But these  orators of the world were not made in one day. It is work of a lifetime, that they deliver such impressive speeches effortlessly. They are well-read and well-informed they know their audience and have years of experience behind their speech.

So children if you want to be a great orator of tomorrow, it is never early to start. Here we have a list of some major ingredients in making a great orator-

  • Listening skills- To have good speaking skills, you must have sound listening skills. You won’t have content to speak if you don’t have a habit of listening. Now many people think it is not important to listen to your juniors or people who are less educated. Remember that every situation, and every person in your life teaches you something, so never underestimate anything. Be attentive and listen carefully.
  • Good knowledge- here we are not talking about just the bookish knowledge. As knowledge is all around you. Here we have an example- Your auto driver may know more about the politics of his/her city then the journalist working in the MNC. Therefore, consider every kind of knowledge. To be a great orator of tomorrow, you must know the current affairs and history of your land in your tips.
  • Reading skills- to know all about the current affairs, and history, you must read as much as possible. Reading skills are equally as important as listening skills. Read newspapers, magazines, books, journals, case studies, stories of whistle-blowers and whatever useful you get to read. Your speech is not about how loud you may raise your voice, it is about the weight of your words. Reading would help you with exploring those words, that would spellbind your audience.
  • Confidence- without self-confidence, you won’t have the confidence of your audience. Believe what you speak, just speak from your heart and your audience would believe you. To overcome stage fear or fear of speaking in public, practice is the key. Practice in front of the mirror, make your friends and family your audience for practice. Once you would taste the success at the stage, you would realize it is the best feeling in the world. Mike and stage are a good addiction.
  • Communication skills- being a great orator is all about how you interact with your audience. The language you use and how you deliver your message. Make a wise use of words and avoid anything that may cause major controversy.
  • Know your audience- to impress them you must know them; therefore, it is very important to know your audience. Knowing your audience would help you choose the topics, words and phrases. Two things attract the applause, one is to say what your audience wants to hear and second is a surprise element that means what your audience never expected. The balance of both would make a perfect speech.

  • Gestures- your body language speaks a lot about you. Your hand movement, how you use the stage, how you make eye contact with audience all this really make the difference.
  • Smart pauses- If speech is silver, silence is gold. You must know where to pause to give time to your audience to think, reflect and react.

We hope this would help you rocking the stage. So, go ahead and make the world your stage and all the people your audience.

Dream big and achieve bigger.

zamit- Let’s begin!

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