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Breakfast is the first and most important meal of the day. You drive the energy for the activities of the whole day from this meal. Moreover, the gap between dinner and breakfast is the longest one. Therefore, to start a day you need fuel that is breakfast. Just imagine what would happen to a vehicle without fuel, the same would happen to your body. If you don’t want to have a lazy day ahead, make sure you have a proper breakfast. These facts would help adults to understand the importance of breakfast, but the real challenge is with children. It is a hard task for parents to make sure their children have a healthy breakfast. Parents running after children for breakfast is a common scene in many houses.

So, today we are trying to help you a little with some ideas for ensuring a healthy and yummy breakfast for your children.

The first and foremost aspect of breakfast is balanced nutrition values, but your children won’t have roti, vegetables, fruits, milk and dry fruits etc., merely on the basis of balanced nutrition values. So you need to add a tasty and creative twist.

Roti and vegetables for breakfast? Just roll it! Children find eating roti and vegetables boring. So, why not figure out a way that makes both parents and children happy? All you need to do is roll it! Children find it fun and convenient to eat rolls. The frequent excuse used by children to avoid breakfast is: I’m getting late for school. So just hand over the roll to them, to eat on the way to school.

Milk- children hate the smell of milk, they use every excuse they can to avoid it, especially in the morning. So add something healthy in the milk to make it interesting. Nowadays, all kind of milk supplements are available in the market. But be careful with these supplements. Instead go for homemade recipes like shakes, adding dry fruits to milk or just add some oats and fruits. Unlimited milk recipes are available on the internet, just a search away.

Fruits- along with lunch box, pack breakfast box as well. Just cut some fruits and hand over to your children for eating on the way to school. You may make smoothies, and shakes(as discussed above).

Dry fruits- winter is coming! In many Indian households, recipes are made with dry fruits, besan(gram flour), linseed, dried pumpkin and many other things. Almost every house in rural India has a special recipe to make winter delicacies. You would get unlimited such ideas on the internet. These delicacies are delicious along with balanced nutrition values. So try it this winters.

Therefore, all it takes is some extra effort to make sure your children have a proper breakfast. Once they would develop a habit of having proper breakfast, it would be no more a challenge for you(parents).

Happy Breakfast!

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