Keep away distractions until you are done with your homework!

Homework is like a heavy burden in your heart, that you keep while playing games, watching your favourite TV series, chatting on social media platforms, in short doing what you like to do. Just imagine how much more fun you would have, to do all you love to do, if that burden is off your heart? So, don’t kill the fun, make a timetable to make everything possible. No one is asking you to stay away from these distractions  forever, it is just that you must keep a distance from them till you finish your homework. Then you may enjoy everything with all your heart. Isn’t it like a plan? Sure, it is!

Therefore, let’s keep in mind a few simple life hacks to make homework possible on time, without killing any fun in life.

Listen up all the children and parents in the house! Here we are unveiling these life hacks that were just in front of you all the time.

Do your homework in your study room- doing homework sitting in front of the TV, would consume double the time than it is actually required to finish the homework. So dedicate your complete attention to your homework, so you may give your complete attention to fun. The trick is simple, avoid sitting in front of the TV, instead have a study table set and make that place your abode for finishing homework.

Homework could be rewarding- If you would complete your homework on time, you would be showered with rewards. If you ask how? Here is the answer, the first answer is: you would be able to enjoy your time after homework with free heart and free mind. The second reward would be: you would be appreciated by both parents and teachers. The third reward would be a bright future. So change your mindset and you could be a Star.

Study/Homework group- if you want to make homework fun, do it with your buddies. Arrange homework group, gather under one roof and make sure everyone completes the homework before the fun begins! Help each other, share problems and solve them together. This would save you time, and you would get friends to support you in this. Isn’t it fun!

Do your homework in time and exams would be fun- exams are those scary times of the year, that keep you awake nights after nights. But exams could be fun if you just learn to dedicate some hours of studying daily. You would get good marks, tension-free nights and proper sleep.

You would be a star in the family gathering- remember that cousin who is always appreciated because of good grades. Well, you could be that person, a star of all family gathering. Your parents and relatives won’t get tired of praising you if you would do well academically(that starts with doing homework daily).

Just remember it all starts with planning your day, in order to make the most out of it. Do you know what is common between, topper of the class and rest of the class? It is time, we all get the same 24 hours daily. It is all upon us, how well we utilize those 24hrs.

zamit- Let’s begin!

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