Following the righteous path of peace and prosperity!

We belong to the world, where nuclear power defines the strength of a country. These nuclear weapons can destroy the whole earth in a few seconds or minutes, if World War 3 happens, we may end up destroying this whole beautiful planet. This would be human-made destruction, it would not only end humans but would also wipe away all the innocent animals and life-supporting plants. So we need to change the mindset, as the future generation would have all these powerful and extremely dangerous weapons on one hand and on another hand, they would have advanced technology to end diseases, fight climate changes and co-exist in harmony with nature. Actions and words of today’s powerful leaders, parents and teachers would influence the mindset of the future generation. Who will be making a decision that would make the world a better place or may destroy the whole planet?

We often get confused with popular and contrasting ideologies. We are influenced by the father of our nation Mahatma Gandhi to achieve universal peace and prosperity and at the same time, we are influenced by Bhagat Singh, who stood strong against the British and sacrificed himself along with other great freedom fighters to free India from the British rule. Every time these two ideologies clashes, we end up in a heated argument. But we need to understand nothing is black or white, we need the balance of both.

Peace does not mean ignoring the wrongdoings and injustice. But clearly, violence is no solution to solve the problem at the world level. We cannot afford a war in today’s times, we have already done harm to our environment that is beyond measures. Those times were different when these popular ideologies played important roles, those situations were different. So, we can’t simply copy those ideologies without editing anything. Those were simpler times, we no more belong to the white or black world, we are living in the grey world. Therefore, the future-generation must not blindly follow these popular ideologies. Wise generation is one who learns equally from mistakes and victories of the past and keeping in mind the changed world, make the decision that is sustainable.

So, now if your children or grandchildren ask your advice, do not blindly go by the past examples. Let them know both sides of the coin and let them decide while keeping in mind the universal interest. Why we must discuss all this at the family level? Because we live in a democratic setup, where we common people choose the government and by doing so set the events of the future and present in action. The world is changing, we must be flexible in accepting different opinions, changes that are required for achieving bigger goals towards the environment, world peace, and development of underdeveloped sections.

Let’s think twice before acting! 

zamit- Let’s begin!

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