Benefit: Teach a better sense of responsibility to your child!

Risk: unwanted infection!

Gone are the days of big joint families, the concept of nuclear families is the trend of the century. But it invites many worries like loneliness, mental problems, lack of family values, respect for elders(earlier children you to learn respecting elders watching their parents do so), beautiful traditions vanishing and this list would go a long way. Let’s keep that topic for another day. The biggest question is: how to teach important values like love, care, responsibility and empathy to children? As studies suggest it very strongly that adopting a pet animal can help nuclear families in many ways. Like when you would return home tired of day’s work; you would have your furry friend(or not furry depends on your choice of pet) waiting for you. Just imagine that Dog’s hug! Isn’t that pure love? Besides all this, adopting a pet animal may help your child in many ways, of course, the complete package also includes some challenges.

Many studies suggest that the behaviour of your child with the pet says a lot about his/her personality and also predict a lot about his/her behaviour and personality when he/she would be an adult. To teach emotions to your child, adopting a pet animal is a great idea. As living with another living being would teach your children a better sense of responsibility. Let them feed, clean and walk the pet animal and they would have a companion to share their happiness and sorrows with. Your child would know how to show emotions, as these loving animals just need your love and attention and they know how to get it.

Adopting a pet animal would also teach your child empathy and anger management along with patience. Of course, along with all these benefits, there are some challenges like contagious infections, hair shed, diseases from other animals, and some extra time and efforts for cleaning. But isn’t it the whole point to teach your children to value other living beings in both their good and bad times? To take responsibility for feeding who can not feed themselves? To love and care for those innocent beings? So what if there are some challenges! Isn’t life all about facing and tackling the challenges? These challenges can be challenged with love and care.

So let’s shelter these lovely, innocent and homeless animals. Let’s love them, let’s give them home and let’s make the world a better and tolerant place to coexist.

Adopt a homeless animal and spread love and good vibes!

zamit- Let’s begin!

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