Make learning a fun and a creative process!

Teaching your toddlers how to read and write is exciting as well as challenging. As you celebrate every small achievement of your child, you also get worried if anything goes against the plan. It is pretty natural, as toddlers are moody, you can’t force them and you must not, all you need to do is figure out the ways that gives you their attention. Using the same way you may easily teach them writing skills. Never compare your child with other children of the same age. As every child is special and also different, so don’t let the small comparisons worry you. Just focus on the learning of your child and do your best. As a parent you know what is best for your child, that is a special power every parent is blessed with. Here we have a little help for you to pick up some of the best and fun methods to teach writing skills to your toddlers.

Playschools- first responsibility as a parent is to pick the best playschool for your child, that is closest to your place and is equipped with everything that ensures your toddler the best learning experience. Don’t worry! You won’t be required to travel from one playschool to another on your own. zamit is here to help you in this case. Just download the zamit app, we are just a click away- 

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Download the app and search, rate and review the preschools, kindergarten and playschools around you. Based on the ratings you would be able to decide on the best playschool for your toddler. An ideal playschool focuses on the overall development of toddlers, that also includes teaching them writing and reading skills.  

Alphabet toys- magnetic alphabets, puzzles, and alphabet blocks etc., the list of alphabet toys would go a long way. So select the best toys and let your toddler learn and play at the same time.

Read a bedtime story from the books- Instead of just reading a story, read the bedtime story from a book. That would make your toddler curious about alphabets, they would want to learn more. Doing so would also make your toddler familiar with concept of books, that would introduce them to the concept of reading and writing. 

Fun writing board- dry erase board, writing slate with a modern touch, magic slate with a magic pen for writing and drawing etc., are good ways of teaching alphabets to toddlers, just Google it or visit the toy store. You would notice unlimited options, in different colours. The fun of magic slate and magic pen never fade away.

Pictures/Objects and alphabets- Mix up alphabet blocks and blocks of pictures representing the alphabets or objects representing alphabets. Let your toddler pair the alphabets and pictures/objects. This is a practical way of teaching alphabets to toddlers.

Old is gold- copy what mommy writes, it is perhaps the oldest way of teaching, but is still very much effective. You may use alphabet books that require the child to copy the alphabet several times. Though it is an old method, but the practice is the key. 

Online tools- like alphabet games; children love playing games on phone, tabs and laptops. Let them play alphabet games and learn the writing skills. Small laptops especially made for teaching the writing and drawing skills to toddlers are also available in toy stores and online stores.  

Cartoon videos teaching alphabets- Let their favourite cartoon teach them. Nowadays, there are unlimited cartoon videos available online to teach writing, speaking and reading skills to toddlers. Make a wise use of these resources. 

Let Art be a teacher- Get your toddlers crayons, paint colours, sketches, markers and colourful chalks etc., They would draw and write whatever they would learn. This is a creative way of teaching them how to write and draw.

We hope these methods would help your toddler learn how to write, read and draw. These are the basic skills and also the foundation of future learning 

Let’s make learning a fun process!

zamit- Let’s begin!

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