Make your children your exercise buddies!

Obesity is the root cause of many major health issues and it is a major problem especially in urban areas. Gone are the days when most of the children use to walk to the school or use cycle to commute. Both are good ways of maintaining physical fitness. In rural areas, students still prefer walking or cycling to reach school, but school vans and other motor vehicles are replacing these good habits. Talking about urban areas, walking or cycling to school is limited to very few schools, as most of the expensive/private schools provide AC vehicles for children to commute. We are advancing from the technology point of view, but we are lacking at physical exercise front. As children are already prone to major health issues at such an early age, therefore, before it gets too late, let’s do something about it on a serious note. What do you think about exercising together? If you are a busy parent, this way you would get to spend more time with your children. Exercising together would strengthen your bond with your child and it would also let you achieve your fitness goal. So we can say it would be like solid Parent-children goal.

Here we are not suggesting you go to the gym with your child. We are encouraging traditional ways of exercising.

Here is the list of exercising ideas for parents and children-

Morning walk or running- start with the morning walk. It would serve you two purposes, one is building a habit of waking up early and second, achieving fitness goals. Breathe in some fresh air, it is the best way to kick-starting a day both for parents and children. Running is another simple yet very helpful exercise. You can use the society park for morning walks and jogging.

Cycling- Why not use those cycling paths? These paths are especially dedicated for cycling and avoiding the traffic. The government spent your tax money to make you these cycling paths, and it is not for hawkers to sell their goods. Let’s put these cycling paths to the actual use.

Skipping rope- it is fun and fitness mantra. Does your child know how to  skip a rope and the various techniques? So why not teach them? For parents, it would be like reliving those childhood days with their children; and for children it would be a process of making precious memories. So put that skipping rope lying or hanging in some corner of your house to its right use.

Swimming- it is really a great exercise for your body, it helps you in staying fit. So dive into that society swimming pool with your children and have some fun and ensure fitness. Why waste the facilities you have? The wise decision would be to use them to achieve fitness goals.

Yoga- the world is crazy after Indian yoga. So why are we forgetting/ignoring our traditional ways of achieving overall well-being? Yoga and meditation are great for physical as well as mental well-being. Let’s introduce yoga in our lifestyles and let’s ensure ourselves and our children the overall good health.

This is just the tip of the iceberg. There are endless other ways to do exercise with your child, to ensure good health for the entire family. The family that exercises together, stays happy and healthy forever.

zamit- Let’s begin!

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