Awareness and Justice are two big ways to end child abuse!

As per studies, it is found that in almost 90% of child abuse cases, the sexual offenders know the child and family very well. Therefore, the sexual offender could be a close relative, family friend, your colleague, servant, neighbour, or any person who visit your home for some purpose. It is very hard to know about the criminal mentality of any person, before her/his crime is exposed. Hence, it becomes too late to prevent the crime and someone becomes the victim. Awareness is the best way to prevent crime when you don’t know in which person a criminal is hiding.

The rate of crimes against children is surging. Educators and parents are the closest to any child. Therefore, they are the first ones to know if anything is wrong. They are the protectors of children from such hideous crimes. To protect your children/students from such crimes, parents/teachers must discuss  wrong touch and right touch with them. Let your children know that they can discuss anything with you. As in most cases, children hesitate, feel ashamed, blame themselves for these crimes and the reason is lack of awareness and they hesitate to speak about it.

It is believed in many cases, where the sexual offender is someone very close to the parents; children feel uncomfortable, hesitate and are confused to discuss or expose the sexual offender to their parents. In such cases, educators or child counsellor are considered most approachable by the students/children. Therefore, parents and educators both have a huge responsibility towards children/students to protect them. Such crimes are capable of scaring the children for life. Many times, children continue to suffer and never find the strength, suitable atmosphere to discuss their sufferings and this way the sexual offenders get away with such crimes without any consequences. This encourages criminals to trap more innocent children and make them their victims. Therefore, it is very important to expose the sexual offender and he/she must be punished as per law. Punishment is the only way to control this surging crime rate.

Remember we are all together in this, to stop the crimes against children. We all are responsible if anything bad happens to our children, women or any citizen of our country. So each one of us must understand and feel the responsibility. We can’t afford to scar the future and present of our country. We can’t scar our children for life, who bring lots of happiness/joy in our lives.

From now onwards, let’s pledge to never ignore any such crime against our children. The most important thing, God forbids if anything happens, never make the child(victim) feel he/she is anyway responsible for that crime. Make sure that justice is served and take help of a good child counsellor (with active licence).

Let’s not consider discussing such crimes as taboo, let’s openly discuss and let’s make people around us aware about these crimes against our children. Today’s children are future of our great country, let’s protect them.

zamit- Let’s begin!

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