Avoid these troubles to celebrate togetherness and happiness

Diwali is one of the major festivals of India, that is celebrated with great enthusiasm. Children and adults all look forward to celebrating this festival that brings families together. This festival fills our hearts with laughs, love and precious memories. But every year many mishaps spoil this beautiful for many families. The major reason behind these mishaps is ignorance. So let’s make sure this festival is all but anything unpleasant.

Here we have some tips for you to make sure you have Happy and Safe Diwali-

We clean and decorate our homes, light earthen lamps to welcome goddess Laxmi, but why we make our environment dirty by burning crackers? The environment is our common home so make sure it is clean as well. Burning crackers are banned in many cities, so why invite trouble by doing something that is against our health and our environment. Instead, use sky lanterns that look more beautiful, and light up the sky without any noise pollution. Let’s kill the darkness of the night with sky lanterns and not with burning crackers.

Know what you eat- in the festival spirit we purchase colourful looking sweets that are lying open in shops, contaminated with pollution, by insects and with harmful colours and preservatives. So be careful while purchasing sweets.

Drink lots of water- Diwali is a busy time, you have to make arrangements, visit relatives and friends. So keep yourself hydrated, that keeps you energetic and water would help you absorb festival food.

Keep young children away from wires of lights, burning candles, lamps and crackers. To avoid any kind of mishap, make sure the wires of lights you used to decorate your place are safeguarded.

This Diwali let’s make wise use of gadgets. We forget to enjoy the beautiful moments while trying to capture every moment in the camera. So spend time with your family and not just with your phone.

Diwali gifts symbolize your love for the receiver of the gift. This Diwali go for healthy gift options when it comes to gift sweets. Consider hygiene, quality and manufacturing date while purchasing sweets or eatables.

Let everyone see your creativity, using the eco-friendly decoration material, impress everyone. It is found that the lightening earthen lamps filled with shudh desi Ghee, purify the air and spread positive light.

Pay special attention to your pets. Festival season bring lots of troubles to your pets. For example, burning crackers disturb them, and the noise pollution highly affect these lovely creatures. So consider pets, children, old and sick people, environment and your own health and SAY NO to crackers.

Let’s celebrate this year a GREEN DIWALI!

Let’s give back to nature by planting more trees on this auspicious occasion of Diwali!

zamit- Let’s begin!

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