Protect yourself and your family from severe effects of air pollution

The air quality drops every year around this time of year. The heavy smog we see around us is the aftermath of burning crackers and crop residue along with many other factors. At present, the air quality index is screaming out loud the severe condition of air, that we all are breathing. Many people have installed air purifiers at their places. But when you and your children step out of home, the pollution hit you immediately. That is  followed by cold, cough and many types of infections that take a toll on your health.

Here we have a few measures you must consider in order to protect yourself, your children and environment from severe effects of air pollution-

Wear air purifying mask- this is kind of mandatory in times of environmental crisis. You simply cannot afford to step out without wearing protection masks against the pollution. So make sure everyone around you is using the good quality and certified air purifying mask when stepping out even if you are out running errands.

Eat healthy food and drink lots of water- consume superfoods that boost your immunity and drink lots of water to stay hydrated and fit. Drink coconut water, have dragon fruit, kiwi and avocado etc., along with consuming almonds and hazelnuts etc.. All these food items  fall  under anti-pollution diet.

Do not eat outside/street food or fried food- if you want to eat fried food, use olive oil. In any case, do not eat outside/street food like pani puri, tikki and momos etc., as these street foods are uncovered and are being contaminated with all kinds of pollution. A BIG NO to street food.

Plant more trees- do your bit to protect the environment along with protecting yourself and your family. The environment is our home and we can’t leave our home dirty. So plant as many trees as possible and protect the ones already planted. The way Mumbai people protected Aarey forest is commendable and must be considered everywhere. This movement is the Chipko Movement of modern days and such movements must be supported always and especially, in the days of environmental crisis.

Every step that is taken to protect the environment and our families counts. So never hesitate to do your bit. If you have farmer relatives, educate them against burning the crop residue, have pollution check of your vehicles and advise others to do the same. Nowadays many households have solar panels installed, it is always good to shift to the renewable source of energy.

Let’s do our bit, let’s educate more and more people and let’s all join hands to fight against air pollution together.

zamit- Let’s begin!

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