As the pollution level rises, the outdoor activities are not safe!

The unfortunate ban on children’s outdoor activities is the aftermath of our actions that has led to the current environmental crisis. Seriously, we need to sit back and think deeply, “what have we done to our surrounding environment?” As per the current scenario, it is not even safe for children to play outside. A few months ago, we were celebrating Yoga Day in nearby parks, and promoting the idea of a healthy lifestyle and morning walk. All of a sudden, a heavy blanket of smog has fallen on our cities, and we have to forget those outdoor ideas. In order to step out, the air-purifying mask is a must, to protect the liver and other damages to our bodies. Schools cannot afford to risk the health of children. In order to engage children with indoor activities, we realize that teachers must be very busy with making a list of such activities.

We are always with teachers and parents to give a better education and future to children. Therefore, we have compiled our little list of activities to help teachers in planning the indoor activities for students. Though we have already covered a few indoor activities for rainy days in our one of the previous blogs, here we have some more activities for you to make the classrooms fun and educating at the same time.

Indoor sports- children love sports period. It would really upset them if you replace the sports period with some other subject class. Don’t kill the fun and instead, bring the fun indoors. There are many indoor sports that can be conducted in schools. For example trampolining, indoor kabaddi, indoor golf, ping pong, boxing or judo karate classes, indoor swimming classes, and powerlifting competitions etc..

Enlightening discussions- conduct debates, discussions, or extempore speech competition on environment issues. We cannot sit like nothing is wrong with our environment, we have to fix it and students are the future of our countries. They must be aware of the environmental crisis, so they take it seriously and make sure to work towards eradicating it. Just like Greta, children can make the change or at least can initiate serious discussions. We all need to do out bit.

Teach life skills- we always burden our students with an extra lengthy syllabus and we forget to train them with life skills. But these skills like doing laundry, cooking simple meals, gardening, packing gifts, first aid practices, and teaching emergency evacuation procedures etc., can really come handy for students and prepare them for the future.

Brain games- like chess, different types of quiz competitions, fastest fingers(answering trivia questions), logic games, challenges(grammar challenge/math challenge), and word games. These games are fun and also good for exercising brain.

Pet day at school- Pet animals help students in developing higher EQ(emotional intelligence) along with helping them in anger management. Students also learn patience and care for others. A pet day at school could be the best fun activity and would encourage children to care of animals.

We hope these activities would help you in planning fun, educating and future-ready indoor activities.

Happy Teaching!

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