Too much(excess) of anything is harmful!

‘Screen time’ is the time spent by an individual sitting in front of a digital screen, i.e. Television, laptop, phone, iPad and gaming devices etc.

Technology plays an important role in the overall development of any individual. Starting from pre-school to higher education and getting a dream job, the whole process is incomplete without the use of technology in today’s era. Therefore, technology is required to help, guide, assist and make our lives easier. But how we use it, is completely in our hand. Smart use of technology may help your child touch the sky of success and excess use of the same may hamper her development and health. So today, we would be talking about how to optimize the use of screen time and how to make its smart use to be future-ready.

Use of digital media helps in learning and empowering you with worldly knowledge. But the harmful rays emitted by overuse of screen may also badly affect your eyes, brain and overall health. Therefore, it is important to optimize the same for good results and avoiding side-effects. Nowadays, children love there iPad more than playing out in the playground with other children. If you try taking away the phone, iPad, laptop or gaming console, they do not appreciate it at all. It is very difficult to tell them to stop using these digital devices even after they have used them for hours. This is the kind of addiction today’s kids face which disturbs the parents.

It becomes embarrassing for parents if their kids ask to use the devices of visiting guests and throw tantrums for that.

So here we would suggest you consider the following measures-

  • Children learn watching adults, so be a role model for them. If you would use your phone while sitting for dinner, how would you expect your children would listen to your advice about keeping the digital devices aside during family time?
  • Explain the health consequences of using too much screen time with a real-life example. If you would stop your children from anything, it is natural for them to ask why. So instead of ignoring their curiosity, give them satisfying and factual answer and explain them the same with real-life examples. We always underestimate the intelligence and understanding of our children by avoiding explanations, thinking they won’t understand. Well, nothing is wrong with trying.
  • Be honest with your children. Most parents find it difficult to say no, therefore, they go beating around the bush and that makes no sense to the mind of a child. There you lose the valid argument. So simply be honest and tell them no you cannot have it, as you are supposed to complete other important tasks or tell them that they have used the digital devices enough for the day.
  • Make them familiar to life outside the screens of digital devices. Encourage them to work on their EQ(emotional intelligence) social skills, and life skills. Ask them to go out and interact with other children, make them understand the importance of physical fitness, exercise and joy of playing outside in the playground and making new friends.

Also, sit with them and talk about the smart use of technology and digital devices to know what’s happening in the world, to play brain games, learn and be future-ready with smart use digital platforms. For example, zamit is all about the smart use of technology to make parents, children and teachers future-ready.

  • Define the screen time allowed to your children, converting it in real-time (hours/minutes). Educate them regarding the smart use of screen time to enhance knowledge and learn new things. Along with warning them against the digital evils(we have a blog on the same as well) and how to do digital detoxification(we also have a blog on this topic).

Please feel free to continue this discussion, by writing back to us in the comment section below.

Let’s make the smart use of technology and screen time! Let’s be future-ready!

zamit- Let’s begin!

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