Step by Step guide to design a dream room for your child:

Children need personal space that they can call their own, where they can keep all their toys, books, clothes along with other belongings. They need space where they can have privacy, learn, get peace of mind, explore, think and relax. Designing a perfect room for your little one can be  a big task for you. We understand all your emotions. So let’s do it together; we have a step by step guide for you to design a dream room for your child, where he/she can play, learn, grow, feel safe and loved.

So let’s get to planning the dream-room for your child-

Picking up the room- the first task is to pick up a room for your child. Keep in mind, that the room you pick up is bright and airy. Light and fresh air bring lots of positiveness and life to any space. Children need proper light, preferably an adequate amount of natural light entering the room to feel energetic and active. Proper ventilation makes the room cool and fresh.

Decide on the theme- it is important to have a theme in mind, before designing the room for your child. Now, deciding on the theme may sound like a tricky business, as your child may like batman one day and wonder women the other day. So don’t worry, just consider the taste, attitude, likes & dislikes and preferences of your child. Sit with your child and decide on the theme, it may be based on a single idea or it may be a smooth blend of multiple ideas woven in one theme.

Artificial lighting – Artificial lights play an important role in a room to make it lively and safe for your child. So as per the theme of the room, select the lamps. Nowadays, we have a wide variety of lamps to choose from. Lamps in the shape of your child’s favourite superhero character or vibrant/colourful lamps in shapes of flowers, trees, and leaves etc. For room lighting, go with soothing lights, not too sharp for eyes and not too dull for covering the darkness.

Finalizing the furniture- now as we know children love to play, experiment, explore and may express anger in an unappropriated way. So save the delicate, expensive and classy furniture for other rooms. For your child’s room, you need durable, safe and strong furniture that can survive all the activities of your child.

Room accessories- pick the artwork that goes with the theme of the room. For bedding go with bright colours(would not get dirty easily and would also appeal to the mind of your child), cushions may go matching with the bedspread or pick cushions with different shapes, colours and designs. The blanket must be soft and cosy. Pick a theme-based cute rug. To make room fresh and lively use natural plants and make your child look after those plants(this way you would teach them responsibility, before getting them a pet animal).

Study space- most people go with a corner study table, to cut off all the distractions. Have a lamp that provides an ample amount of light to concentrate on studies without putting any stress on eyes. Have a drawer for books and required stationery items on the study table.

Keep in mind the storage space- nowadays children own a lot of stuff, don’t forget if your child is a hoarder like I was. Anyway, your child would need proper storage space for books, toys, clothes, space to collect trophies and artwork made by him/her. So have enough space for all the stuff and get enough drawers and cupboards designed.

Put together some creativity, effort, your designing skills and lots of love to witness the magic of the dream room for your child.

zamit- Let’s begin!

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