Cheers to that cosy feeling and to lots of healthy and yummy food!

Winter is all about festivals, holidays, sun-basking and eating lots of yummy and healthy food. Wearing those long boots, overcoats, cool jackets and soft/cosy woollen wear makes winter a fun season. Grandmas and mothers make many mouth-watering winter delicacies, for example mixing together dry fruits, besan(gram flour) and desi ghee(clarified butter) etc.. Every home has one or more special recipe to enjoy with tea or milk and to serve the same to the guests. We all wait for this season to eat gaajar ka halwa(carrot pudding), gajak/chikki and sarson ka saag etc., the list of goes a long way. Let’s leave this discussion for some other day, today we will discuss the winter hacks to make this winter a fun season and not a season of sickness. Along with all this fun, unfortunately, winter also brings many diseases and common sicknesses.

In order to make sure you make the most out of this short season, we have here some winter safety hacks, especially for children.

Appropriate clothes- children hate wearing layers of clothes, but it is necessary. Most of us realize this fact after catching a cold. So this season let’s be future-ready and take care of clothing properly before falling sick. In November, you must wear proper clothes in the morning and evening, as this month marks the starting of the winter season. This is the preparation month for coming winter, so it is time to let your winter collection see the sun.

Eat healthy- food that keeps you warm from inside is a great way of preventing cold and other such common sicknesses. It is time to use the dry fruits you received on Diwali. There are the number of special winter recipes available online(though grandma knows best ones) to make you stay warm(internally) in winters.

Go outside prepared- if you are going out in the mornings and evenings make sure you go out prepared and in the following months (December, January and February) make sure you step out all winter-ready. Have winter hats, gloves, mittens, warm boots and woollen scarfs handy while stepping out in extreme winters.

How to avoid catching a cold? Wash hands regularly to prevent the spreading of germs, if needed get flu shots and prefer covering your mouth while coughing or sneezing. To protect yourself from infection, along with washing hands regularly, try covering your face while going out in public places.

The slides and swings in the public parks and school parks get covered with morning mist and turn into icy cold swings and slides. To prevent your children from catching a cold either make them wear layers of clothes, or make sure these swings and slides are dry and warm. Avoid sending your children out to play in the early morning and late evenings, the best time to play in winters is afternoon as opposite to summers.

Protect the soft and sensitive skin- the extreme cold may treat your children’s sensitive and soft skin harshly. So along with layers of clothes, use a layer of moisturizer as well. To prevent, dry and flaky skin conditions, chapped lips, skin irritation or rashes use a moisturizer or skin treatment creams (if possible recommended by the dermatologist).

Take care of yourself and your children, we wish you happy, safe and fun winters.

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