Use Point System: Make them realize the value of hard work and hard-earned money!

In this modern world, we all are worried about ways of passing on values to the next generation. As the children of this internet-era are exposed to so much content that they hardly acknowledge what parents and teachers advise them. But values like hard work, the value of life, respecting others, giving importance to life elements(air, water earth), learning from the experience of seniors, the value of money and walking on the path of truth and righteousness etc., must be treasured by our children. If they don’t listen to you, make them understand these values through real-life examples and using their modern ways. In 90’s children use to get pocket-money and out of respect for their parents, they use to hesitate to ask for more. Back to present, we see children whining, annoying and criticizing parents for giving less money(as they don’t know how hard it is to earn money and they certainly have no hesitation in asking for more). So let’s use 21st century ways to teach children these important values. To start with, instead of just giving pocket-money to your children; make them earn it. This would teach them the value of money . They should realize that nothing can be achieved in life without putting sincere efforts.

It is a popular culture in western countries already, where children are paid pocket-money on completing some assigned tasks. Along with teaching value of money and hard work, this also teaches them responsibility and value of completing the task on time. All this would make them future-ready. After all, the world is not so easy out there, so we need to make our children tough and strong to make them ready to face this challenging and changing world.

Here we have a few tasks, that you can assign your children to help them earn pocket-money-

  • Invent the point system and make them earn points to earn pocket-money, loosing on points means less pocket money. This way if they do anything wrong, that would reflect in their pocket-money and it is a good way of disciplining the children.
  • Ask them to keep their room tidy and clean. On a daily basis check their room at the end of the day and accordingly award them points. This would make your children understand the importance of hygiene. They would learn how to arrange their stuff in a proper manner. They would learn from their mistakes and acquire a habit of keeping their room tidy and clean.
  • Extra point for learning new skills. Award them with extra points, if they learn new skills like how to do laundry, to cook some basic food dish, and help in some other chore etc..
  • Give them points on doing homework on time.
  • Now-a-days, children love junk food. So, why not deduct points on eating junk food and awarding points for eating healthy food.
  • For behaving nicely with everyone, give them points and deduct the points if your children misbehave.

This list would go on and on. It is all up to you, but remember you must follow what you preach. If you are eating fast/junk food yourself and stopping your child, if you are yelling/shouting/cursing and stopping your child ,disrespecting your elders  then all this would not work. As it is a two-way process and children of the 21st century are smart and we have already established that they don’t hesitate to ask for reasons and question the system. Therefore, this system would help us all in creating a better version of ourselves, a better version of our children and a better version of society. Because when we reiterate values to our children, it is revision for us as well.

Let’s make us future-ready, let’s make our children future-ready! 

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