Teach your children kindness and make them better humans!

Watching one’s act of kindness while scrolling our social media feeds can make our day. If you would notice the videos and messages that are liked and shared the most are one with an act of kindness or positivity. Well, kindness is a value worth spreading, so let’s not limit it to spreading on social media only, let’s teach this important value to our children as well.

As we have recently celebrated ‘World Kindness Day’ on November 13, it is high time we must join and support the movement of kindness with one act of kindness at a time, let’s kill negativity and cruelty in our world with kindness. Children are like clay, with love and right values we can mould them into kind, loving, and caring humans.

Here we have a few suggestions for you to cultivate kindness in children, classrooms, families, and community-

Do not consider an act of kindness as small or big- Sometimes, just listening to someone patiently and expressing empathy can make a huge difference in someone’s life. Therefore, it is not always required to go out of the way, though doing something extraordinary is always appreciated, the point here is that every small and big act of kindness counts.

Take a kindness challenge- it can be done in two ways, one by doing something kind and sharing it with others. This will encourage others to do the same. The other way is to talk about various acts of kindness. You can put a box where people would put all the good experiences of kindness they have experienced. Once you have a good number, use all these messages and make a wall of positivity with all the collected messages. You may make a collage or video message to spread online.

Make it(kindness)a part of your routine- make sure you perform an act of kindness daily(doesn’t matter how small or big it is, it would make a difference). Also, observe and notice others acting kind, appreciate such acts and talk about these acts.

Never forget yourself- often we forget showing kindness to ourselves. Remember, it starts with you, be kind to yourself as well. In this competitive and ever-evolving world, we often act harshly with ourselves. Belittling oneself would only lead to one’s unhappiness, lack of self-confidence, dwelling negativity, and one would never feel satisfied no matter how much one achieves. So give a little pat on your back once in a while.

If you have noticed any act of kindness that changed or saved someone’s life, please feel free to share with us! Every good deed, right emotion and small or big effort counts in building a better world!

Let’s be kind to others and us! Let’s spread kindness, it is worth spreading!

zamit- Let’s begin!

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