Importance of teaching self-defence to students!

With every day passing our world is becoming more and more challenging place to live and be safe. The crime rate is rising and mental problems are becoming common. Every day we hear about some robbery, snatching incident and the most disturbing news in many developed countries is mass shooting in schools. Therefore, self-defence classes must be considered by all and especially students. Schools prepare children for a tough and challenging life ahead as adults, students cannot be considered ready for that life without learning self-defence. Like any other subject, teaching of life-skills or social skills and self-defence to students is equally necessary. The biggest weapon of attackers is catching you unaware and they take advantage of that stage before you realize what just happened. The primary focus of teaching self-defence is to make you more aware and alert about your surroundings and educate you about the possible moves of attackers.

Here we have combined some suggestions for schools and teachers as to how to successfully organize self-defence classes-

Conduct a survey to know how students and parents react to the proposal of self-defence classes- the first step is to understand the demand and expectation of parents and students from this program. Make this topic part of the discussion during the parents-teachers meeting and talk to students. All this would help you in taking the next steps.

Work on the package and resources- the first step would help you in designing self-defence packages and accordingly you can plan resources. As per different age groups and classes, you can plan different group classes.

Class timings and frequency of self-defence classes- nowadays schools have a vast syllabus to cover and one academic year seems small to do it all. The time crunch is real, therefore, you may have these self-defence classes on weekends or after/before school hours. Once you would make these classes part of the school curriculum, you can use physical education class for teaching self-defence. Otherwise, this program can be part of extracurricular activities, without affecting the ongoing school curriculum. Also, keep in mind the frequency of classes, that means how often the classes would be conducted.

Advertise the self-defence packages in school and sent the proposal to parents- After considering everything, you need to get the word out. Advertise the self-defence program, print pamphlets/brochures/small booklets and distribute these to students and parents. You can email these to parents. You may organize a small event, inviting students and parents to present and announce the self-defence program. Do not forget to show demo during this event to educate parents and students about the program also discuss the importance of self-defence and support with some facts and case studies.

Commence the self-defence classes- Once you are ready with all the resources and arrangements, start the classes. Initially, have someone dedicated to observe the classes and analyse if everything is going as planned or some immediate changes are required.

Analyse the result and discuss measure to make it better next time- nothing is perfect, that is the beauty of life. You learn from the experiences to do what you do better next time. The scope of improvement is always there, so analyse the result, discuss it and consider making the next package better than the previous one.

Make self-defence part of the school curriculum or extra curricular activities- it would fit under physical education. If the response is good and you are ready to take it further, you can make it part of physical education classes. A better idea is to make it a separate program under extra-curricular activities and provide students with certificates and different colored belts to mark the completion of levels.

Let’s be fit, let’s learn self-defence!
zamit- Let’s begin!

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