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There is nothing to be ashamed of having a mental problem. Our brain is like any other organ. Do you feel ashamed if your liver is not functioning the way it is supposed to function? So, why feel ashamed with a mental disorder? We are living in challenging and ever-evolving world. We face tough competition in studies. We work in the competition-driven corporate world. Because of many genetic or stress issues we may get exposed to mental ailment, as we are getting exposed to the respiratory problems because of the rising air pollution.

Therefore, we must address the taboo attached to mental problems, we must treat these problems like physical ailments. Because of this taboo, many people suffer silently and even in serious conditions, many people hesitate to consult a doctor. If we must be ashamed of something, we must be ashamed of this taboo around mental health. Don’t consider the person suffering from mental problem as mentally unstable.

Observing all this, children hesitate to discuss if they are suffering from any kind of emotional problem, fearing they would be called crazy or would be sidelined. The worst fear children have is that by discussing mental problems with anyone, they would be sent to a mental asylum the place that is shown as a torture house is our movies. So it is high time that we discuss mental health. Let’s start with discussing whom you must approach, Psychologist and Psychiatrist? As Psychologist and Psychiatrist are most often confused with one another.

Well, both Psychologist and Psychiatrist are trained to help you with mental ailments. They both address your mental health issues and talk you through your mental problems. The recognizable difference lies in their educational background and approach.

A psychologist has  a PhD that is a doctorate in psychology or PsyD that is a doctor of psychology to practice psychotherapy and psychological testing(IQ test and personality test). The approach of a psychologist is to study and analyse human behaviour for example , if you are depressed or not, if you are facing problems in getting out of bed. A psychologist would study your sleeping/eating patterns and negative thoughts that may be the possible reason behind your mental problem.

A psychiatrist is a medical doctor with MD, a graduate from a medical college. A psychiatrist is required to complete one year of internship along with three years of residency in the assessment and treatment of mental ailments. As per the medical training, a psychiatrist would have a scientific approach to the mental ailment of the patient. A psychiatrist would consider biology and neurochemistry. If required a psychiatrist would prescribe the medication after diagnosing the mental problem.


Remember, usually, psychologists do not prescribe medicines. Though, a few places do allow psychologists to prescribe medicines if the psychologist has taken a psychopharmacology course. But they can only prescribe limited psychiatric medicines.

We hope you find this discussion helpful and educating and do not forget to share this information with others. Let’s burst the myths and taboos around mental health. Let’s discuss mental problems and support the one who is suffering, in our possible ways. At least let’s not consider them crazy, let’s not use such derogatory terms for any person who is suffering from mental health issues. So next time, if required, you know whom to approach in the given scenario.

Let’s educate us and others about the importance of mental health and let’s address mental health issues.

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