Different types of behaviour disorders, reasons and diagnosis!

We have already discussed the importance of mental well-being of children and some common terminology(like the difference between psychology and psychiatrist) in the previous blogs. Now, let’s discuss this in depth. Mental health is a big topic of discussion nowadays, because of many factors that are leading to an increase in cases of mental ailments. As discussed in previous blogs, firstly we must not be ashamed of discussing and getting mental health issues diagnosed. We must end the taboo around mental health and must consider mental health like physical health.

Today, we will be discussing some behaviour disorders in children, along with the reasons behind these disorders and how to get them diagnosed. It is found that a child can suffer from more than one behaviour disorder at a time.

ODD(Opposition defiant disorder)- as per studies and researches conducted by international hospitals, it is found that under the age of 12 years, around 1 out of 10 children are suffering from ODD. Another shocking fact is that the number of boys suffering ODD outnumber girls.

What things must be noticed to know if a child is suffering from ODD-

  • If the child easily gets angry, annoyed, and frustrated, has a high temper and throws frequent tantrums.
  • If a child challenges set rules and refuses to follow directions, frequently argues with adults. Deliberately annoys others and blames others for his/her wrong actions. Has low self-esteem.

Conduct disorder(CD)- again boys suffering from conduct disorder outnumber the girls. As per studies and researches conducted by international hospitals, around 5% of children around 10 years are suffering from conduct disorder.

Here is a list of some typical behavioral signs of children suffering from CD-

  • Frequent lying and refusing the adults to obey rules. Tend to run away from home. Lack of empathy for others, always at the edge of starting the fight and in some cases, the child suffering from CD may try to use weapons during physical fights.
  • Showing criminal behaviour like stealing, breaking into houses, tend to start a fire; in short, trying to discover ways to trouble others. A tendency to start using drugs at an early age. In some rare cases, even suicidal threats can be observed.

Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder(ADHD)- as per studies and researches conducted by international hospitals, it is found that 2% to 5% of children suffer from this disorder, again boys outnumber girls.

Here is a list of behaviour traits you must look to know if the child is suffering from ADHD-

  • If the child faces difficulty in concentrating on any given task, forgetful nature, tend to leave the given task incomplete.
  • High temper, impulsive nature, and if a child easily gets angry and frustrated.

If a child is frequently restless, uneasy and nervous.

Reasons behind behaviour disorders in children-

  • Challenging family atmosphere- research shows that dysfunctional families may result in the child suffering from these disorders.
  • Difficult pregnancies and less than normal-weight during birth may be a reason behind these disorders in later years.
  • Children face problems in learning that is facing problem in reading and writing tasks.
  • As per studies, it is believed that the children who face intellectual disorders are twice more likely to suffer from behaviour disorders as compared to other children.
  • As discussed above, gender is also a major reason, as boys outnumber girls in registered cases of behaviour disorders.

If you notice anything that is discussed above, do not hesitate to get your child diagnosed-

Consult psychologist or psychiatrist accordingly or your paediatrician. They may use proper interviewing methods(by interviewing parents, teachers and children) or they may use a suitable questionnaire.

Therefore, awareness is empowering in such cases. Never ignore such behaviour disorders, as these disorders may get worse with ignorance and without addressing them properly. There is nothing wrong in seeking mental help or consulting psychologist and psychiatrist. These professionals are there to help you and your children. But you need to fight this taboo around mental health with spreading awareness by healthy and open discussions.

If you have any questions feel free to use “Ask an Expert” services available on the zamit app!

Let’s take some serious steps towards the mental well being of our children!

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