What is the Significance of Entrepreneurial Education for Students?

Countries like Israel, that is ranked under top 5 countries known for innovation, starts teaching entrepreneurship to students from K-12 classes. These countries are known as leading countries in the sector of innovation and entrepreneurship and to continue cultivating the same, they believe in providing students with entrepreneurship education right from school years. Therefore, to promote innovative ideas and entrepreneurship in our country, schools of our country must also consider teaching entrepreneurship to students.

Instead of making our students ready for already existing jobs, we must empower them with entrepreneurial education to make them capable of creating new job opportunities for themselves and for others. This would take off a heavy pressure of ensuring jobs to youth, on government. If our youth is capable enough to create the employment for themselves and others, this would improve the financial condition of families, states and country. This shows the huge significance of empowering school students with entrepreneurial education.

Though some schools are already working on or are already providing entrepreneurial education. But the majority of schools, especially in rural areas are still unaware of this idea. We are discussing this topic to spread awareness about the importance of teaching entrepreneurship to students.

Here we have a list of reasons why all schools must consider teaching entrepreneurship to students

  • Teaching entrepreneurship doesn’t mean that every student would be an entrepreneur. This means you are teaching entrepreneurial skills to every student, as a result, some would turn up as entrepreneurs and as nowadays companies are looking for employees with entrepreneurial skills, therefore, these skills would play an important role in the success of other students as well.
  • This would help our country and economy as well. As teaching entrepreneurship, you would be making students capable of generating employment for themselves and others. This way rate of unemployment would decrease, as a result, more tax revenue would be generated for the government. We would get better roads, hospitals, schools and other facilities and in nutshell, the economy of our country would see the golden days once again.

  • Teaching entrepreneurship to students in schools means providing entrepreneurial education to boy and girls alike. This would help in women empowerment and would help in reducing the gap between the number of male and female entrepreneurs.
  • Many states and rural areas in our country have a high rate of unemployment. Due to lack of jobs, the tax revenue of the states is low and the population of the states is not getting all facilities to empower themselves financially, intellectually and health-wise. Introducing entrepreneurial education in schools of rural areas would make these areas capable of creating job opportunities that would boost the financial condition of rural families and states. As a result, the backward areas would develop and that would contribute to the economy of the country as well.
  • Entrepreneurial skills would make students future-ready. They would be empowered to meet the challenges of the 21st century. All this would help the future entrepreneurs, as the employees, they would be hiring would already have the entrepreneur skills to boost the business. This would increase the rate of success.

As it is believed innovation is the mother of necessity; looking at the falling economy of our country, increasing rate of unemployment, it is necessary to use the innovative ideas, it is necessary to encourage entrepreneurs.

Just criticizing the government and system would not solve the problems of the 21st century. Only education, innovation and sustainable development can solve these problems. We must empower our students/children with these tools to make them Future-ready.

Let’s teach entrepreneurship to our students! Let’s make them future-ready!

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