How to organize DIY art and craft exhibition in your school?

DIY art and craft is a great way of decorating your room, house, office and classrooms. Handmade things always win over machine made decoration pieces. The reason is that the hard and sincere work of humans would always be appreciated over machine work. That’s why hand embroidery, handmade jewellery; manually woven carpets, sweaters, table covers etc., have special exhibitions that attract a huge crowd and many buyers.

Nowadays, many schools are organizing their own exhibitions to showcase the work of students, where handmade pieces by students attract many eyeballs. Many schools organize these exhibitions for some important causes. Doing so, school teaches  students an important life skill(DIY Business), along with boosting their confidence, and helping them with social skills. Cause based exhibition plays an important role in spreading awareness among students, parents and teachers about the cause. Therefore, exhibition of these DIY projects serve many purposes.

As we humans love decorating our place of work and stay(home), art and craft never runs out of business. When industrialization started, many craftsmen feared losing jobs to machines, but we have the result in front of us. We prefer unique handmade pieces of decoration to give a personal touch to our place(to define where we belong) over machine-made(same designs in huge quantity) decoration pieces. Therefore, teaching DIY art and craft to students would never go waste. Even if students won’t have interest in arts stream, still they would have the skill to decorate their place the way they want.

This time of the year is considered as most happening time in schools, as schools organize Christmas carnivals and some schools even plan New Year functions for students and parents. So this is the best time for schools to organize an exhibition for DIY projects made by students. Dedicate the event to some special cause to make the event more meaningful.

Follow these few steps to organize such an exhibition at your school-

Step 1- assign different themes for DIY projects to students of different classes. This way you would have a variety of DIY art and crafts to showcase. Make it part of the art and craft subject.

Step 2- give students the end date of submission, so you have enough time to collect the projects and arrange the space to display the art and crafts made by students accordingly.

Step 3- promote the exhibition on social media, on your school website. You may print invitations or brochures or pamphlets with highlights of exhibition, theme and the social or special cause behind it. A better way of sending these invitations and brochures is email or using any digital platform, this way you would serve one more purpose that would be saving paper.

Promote your event on the zamit app, we have event section dedicated to all nearby educational events. Feel free to contact us, if you want to promote your event or want us to list your event.

Step 4- ask people who are coming to confirm on email beforehand, so you may make the arrangements accordingly. Depending on the strength of people attending the exhibition finalize the venue and arrange for the refreshments.

Step 5- let students own the event,  make different committees of students for the different tasks during the event, like stage management committee, welcome and guest coordinating committee, refreshment management committee, discipline committee etc.

Step 6- as it is an exhibition for DIY art and craft project, so let the students decorate the venue, of course, everything must be under the supervision of teachers dedicated to different tasks.

Step 7- on the day of the event, set the registration desk to welcome the guests and get data to thank them for attending the event, this data would be also useful to invite the guests next time.

Step 8- do not forget to appreciate and award the sincere efforts of students, it is important to encourage them for such future endeavours.

Step 9- also, prepare special giveaways(handmade by students) for chief guests. Send thank you email or note to all the guests who attended the event.

Step 10- dedicate art and craft room for storing the DIY art and craft pieces left from the exhibition, to use next time.

As schools are planning to organize events to celebrate the spirit of Christmas and New Year we hope this step by step guide would help.

Let’s empower our students with practical education, let’s teach them life skills, let’s make them future-ready!

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