As education continues to evolve and develop its curriculum and programs to prepare students for the VUCA (Volatile, Uncertain, Complex, Ambiguous) world, it is very important to equip them with 21st century skill.

Zamit is soon launching ZIP & ZAP, one of the components of the Zkit program

Zamit aims is to assist schools, students, teachers & parents to remain future ready, is all set to introduce ZIP (Zamit Internship Program).

The program will offer students of High School, hands on learning & up skilling required for 21st century. The well- designed internship opportunity will run concurrently with their school summer & winter breaks. ZIP will be available to school students of grade 9th & 11th, where they will learn essential workforce skills, create valuable contacts and will learn collaboration & teamwork. In turn, as students will be a large part of the end user, zamit will benefit from the students’ energy, curiosity, creativity and sensitivity. It will be a 6-week internship program starting April/May/June and 4 students per school will be nominated by their schools.

These interns will learn get hands on experience in various verticals like Marketing & PR, Business Development, Design & Development of AR/VR devices, Digital Marketing, Data Management, English Proficiency, Product & Brand Management etc. At the end of 6 weeks, the interns will be provided with certificate of successful completion of the program. Some of these interns will then go on to be the school ambassadors of their respective schools which is another unique program especially designed for school students.

ZAP (Zamit Ambassador Program) aims to create a network of skilled and like-minded school students across schools in India. The program facilitates and nurtures them to be future ready and contributes to their career growth. Our motive is to empower and assist in making them future ready who will serve as community specialists, brand evangelists and technology experts in their respective schools.

These unique programs will be rolling out in April 2020 and is open to all ZQ endorsed schools. ZQ is Future Readiness Index which is a score built around an algorithm of the school’s collective strengths of educational best practices, processes and systems.

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