Many parents decide to homeschool their children versus sending them to mainstream schools to keep them away from the academic pressures they face.

It’s a typical weekday morning at the Reddy’s home. Her husband has left for the day and her older son is already at school. Except, in this case the school is at their dining table, and the timetable is all set for the day.

Sachin will learn the names of different fruits and vegetables displayed in their kitchen, help his mom in some household chores, and music appreciation with his father.

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This is the world of Homeschooling

Due to coronavirus outbreak across the country, schools are closed for long stretches of time and the onus of teaching has fallen on parents & tutors more than ever before. It’s no wonder that more parents are considering other options and home schooling seems to be on top of that list.

Homeschooling is basically home education, where the children are being educated at home or any other place. Home schooling can be done by the parents, Online teacher or Tutors.

Indian parents are becoming aware of Home Schooling as a feasible option for their children. Parents are free to send their children to school but teach them at home. If the parents have the means and wish too, they can, as stated by the government. Many parents decide to Home school their children versus sending them to mainstream schools to keep them away from the academic pressures they face. With the help of social media, we get to know of unfortunate news of children like murder, rape, pre-teen suicides, which leaves parents disturbed. And thus, the thought of Home schooling comes to mind. It allows the child to grow and blossom freely without the peer pressure of academics as well.

Homeschooling is also looked at as an option for children whose parents are on the move, cause of their demanding jobs and the requirement to change cities every couple of years. This can be a stop- gap arrangement for them till they are able to find a good school for their children in the new city.

The curriculum can be tailored as per the child’s requirements, and thus help work on the child’s strong areas. As such there are no set ways to home schooling. Parents can opt for extra- curricular activities, drama, sports, language classes, home tutors etc. Every home-schooling situation is unique, and one can take the help of online resources for various things like career guidance and counselling for students ,soft skills improvement centres .For some parents working on their social skills, creative skills are utmost important by exposing them to various activities and meeting their peers. Parents can seek Education Experts online to get more guidance on home schooling and various other academic related queries.

There are also free audio stories for kids on Apps available which are free to download on IOS and Android phones which parents can make use of for storytelling.

Limitations of Homeschooling

Although the concept of Homeschooling is encouraging, it still needs some out of the box approaches to make it an effective learning place. Along with this some other limitations would be lack of socialization, lack of discipline, no competition, personal bias.

Many Moms also face challenges with Home schooling as it’s not for everybody. One needs to be committed, strong willed, patient and most important confident.

Homeschooling helps the parent work on the child’s creative, social, cognitive and emotional development. It also helps in Internet Safety for Parents. But we all still need to look on both sides of the coin and choose the best option keeping in mind the next school in the child’s journey.


Aarul Malaviya (Founder of MASH Virtual & zamit)

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