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With the recent corona virus outbreak in India, all the Indian companies are taking important and useful measures of prevention for their employees in the office premises. PFB some of the measures that are being taken by Zamit-an Ed-Tech platform that networks & supports school ecosystems to be future-ready. It is an information, engagement and interaction platform that networks schools, students, teachers, parents and school service providers. zamit is a brainchild of MASH Virtual (UK) who are London based creators, actively building AR/VR applications and mobile solutions. It offers various functionalities such as search, compare, rate & review school, podcasts, edutainment & engaging activities.

  1. Our HR has created a ready-to-refer document and shared it with every employee of the company which contains all the information related to the virus and preventive measures to be taken. (The information is taken from verified sources)
  2. Hand sanitizers are being placed at every entrance of the office and in all cabins/rooms of the office. The employees are asked to wash their hands at regular intervals and only enter the office premises on washing your hands using waster or Hand sanitizers.
  3. The employees have been asked to communicate using various communication platforms like slack, hangouts etc. as much as they can to maintain social distance.
  4. All the employees are being given strict instructions to clean and sanitize their stuff like laptop, bags, mouse & mouse pads, phones etc. using Antiseptic Wipes which are placed in every room/cabin of the office.
  5. The cleaners are instructed to clean the office using an antiseptic liquid throughout the day in equal intervals of time.
  6. Disposable gloves are being provided to the cleaners and the people managing the pantry. The gloves will be worn every time they are serving any food item to anybody in the office.
  7. Time slots have been given to each department of the office for lunch in the pantry to avoid employee’s exposure to crowded areas.
  8. Facemasks are made available in the office for every employee. Whoever feels the need, someone who is coughing, sneezing, running nose or symptoms of COVID-19 will have access to the mask.
  9. Lastly, infographics, posters are set up across the office as a way of encouraging the employees to eat food and adopt practices which will help in immunity building of the human system.

Author: Aarul Malaviya (Founder of MASH Virtual & zamit)

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