Let us engage with the little ones and try making it as easy and fun for them as we can.  

As the summer holidays have started in most schools, parents are frantically searching for online summer camps to keep their little ones busy. With COVID-19 here to stay for some time now, several families have to cancel their yearly ritual of visiting their hometowns or indulging in other outdoor leisure activities which are the major activity that little ones look forward to during their summer break. In view of the current situation where staying home and maintaining the social distancing norms is the best solution especially for the little kids who are most exposed to this deadly virus. It is a known fact and research has proven that extracurricular activities help in the overall development of young personalities. A child can be interested in more than one activity simultaneously such as singing along with dance, theater or sports. This is a win-win situation for them as well as the parent as it will help to make their child Future Ready and skilled for the 21st century.

With the ongoing lockdown situation, it is very important for the kids to use their break to indulge in fun and productive activities says Manisha Singh (ZCAS & Pre School Coordinator,zamit)

Create, build and engineer: Holiday is a good time to motivate children to do art. Whether it involves telling stories, writing them, drawing, or making things, it is the time to let kids release their creativity.

Get close to nature: If you have access to a garden, let children plant seeds and watch them grow.

Get moving! : Whether dancing to their favorite song or following the moves of exercises on the internet, children and teens must not sit around all day.

Acquire the habit of reading: This is an excellent time to encourage a passion for reading in children.

Practice mindfulness through yoga and meditation: The kids are living in a stressed environment and with ample of free time in hand, introducing them to yoga and meditation will be beneficial for them in the long term

Engage with them through board and interactive games: Games are the most innovative & fun way to interact with your tiny tots. Besides reducing their screen time, these games will enhance their creativity and analytics thinking. Games like these include- Pictionary, Dumb charades, Monopoly etc depending on the age group.

Cooking and baking: Kids these days like to contribute in various activities and this helps boost their confidence when they’re being appreciated for performing small small tasks. Engage your child in baking/cooking activities, make them do the measurements which will enhance their critical thinking and brush their concept.

Learn an instrument: Playing an instrument boosts self-esteem and having ample time in hand is a golden opportunity for the little ones to learn any instrument of their choice.

Stay updated: In order to stay a future-ready family, it is very important for the parents to teach kids about the latest happenings (like the novel coronavirus) what all precautions & measures are to be taken in the current scenario to protect themselves.

Art and painting: In this stressful environment, give your kids space to get their hands dirty with paint and colors. Kids enjoy and love to try new stuff, painting, drawing and art & craft will come to rescue in this time.

Help them with their holiday homework. Most of the schools have tried their best in giving homework involving creative activities and hands-on learning. All we can say is, 2020 summer break will not be a normal summer break for any child but all we can hope is this is the last summer break of this type. Let us engage with the little ones and try making it as easy and fun for them as we can.

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