Zamit Engage

For Schools
Challenge your students to build their Learning Power by encouraging them to engage with Zamit and compete in our challenges, activities and competitions

  • Improve your overall school results
  • Get International badges & certificates
  • Improve skills with upgradation courses
  • Build collective learning power

For Students
Interactive games & stories, activities, challenges & competitions engage your mind and help develop multi-dimensional skills and enhance quick & easy retention of information.

  • Fun & interactive
  • Stories narrated in different languages
  • Fun learning through interesting games
  • Makes you a better version of yourself

For Parents
Children learn best when learning is active, when they are engaged in hands on games and activities then each activity becomes meaningful and stimulates learning

  • Positively impact social skills
  • Improve hand-eye coordination
  • Develop multi- tasking skills
  • Build problem solving abilities
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