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zamit International School Awards

  • International School Awards

ZISA: zamit International School Awards

zamit International School Awards are recognition awards for schools. zamit recognises schools, teachers, parents, grandparents, support staff and students who are exceptional, across several categories of future readiness.

All schools in India may be part of this by simply adding their school on the zamit app and voting for their school, teacher and support staff.

Key features :

  • Only International awards that recognise Future Ready schools and Pre- Schools
  • Driven through an online live voting system
  • Decided by the stakeholders for the stakeholders
  • Anonymous and transparent
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ZISA : Unique Features

The awards are driven by technology, ensuring complete confidentiality and are derived from the self-assessed and perceived zamit Quotient (ZQ) of schools and individuals by anonymous voting.

All contributors from educators to support staff are included
Addresses all strands that contribute to future readiness
Data Driven
Results are decided by voting data not perceptions

No unscrupulous practices in the selection.

zamit International School Awards are fair and open to all school stakeholders

ZISA Process

Every vote counts. You can vote for your school and favourite teacher on the zamit app from the comfort of wherever you are, and your votes remain confidential.

1. Download

Just download zamit or go to our website and vote for your school and teacher. Your vote counts!

2. Add

Your favourite school and favourite teacher

3. Vote

You can vote multiple times for multiple schools & teachers


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