ZQ for Students – 9 dimensions

ZQ assesses and measures 9 dimensions of future-readiness so you may be better prepared for the challenges of the future.

The 9 dimensions of ZQ have been created based on international research undertaken by Zamit, UK, and QAI, a UK-based certification, benchmarking and assessment body, and is set to become the global benchmark, providing educational institutions and parents with an objective snapshot of how future-ready their students are.

Zamit divided ‘future readiness’ into nine categories, which, in the case of students, include more than fifty sub-skills from the NEP’s cognitive, affective and psychomotor skill sets.

ZQ which is mapped to NEP 2020 focuses on skills and capacities which includes proficiency in languages, evidence-based thinking, creativity, innovativeness, collaboration, teamwork, digital literacy, computational thinking, environmental awareness and citizenship skills. Zamit engages students at various levels to enhance the 9 dimensions, resulting in progressive improvement of future-readiness skills.

ZQ also allows for self-assessment, peer assessment and parent-assessment whilst tracking the progress of the students throughout their school years as per NEP 2020 (Section 4.35).

As the student’s advance in their ZQ journey their ZQ score continues to improve, highlighting their strengths and identifying areas that need attention. Each report based on the 9 future-readiness dimensions that a student receives is analysed by ZQ facilitators who then provide guidance to help the student improve and, in turn, be better prepared for the future.

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