ZQ Diagnostic Test

Are you prepared for the future?

Take the ZQ diagnostic test to assess your future-readiness skills

What is the ZQ diagnostic test?

Based on research and its findings, Zamit divided ‘future readiness’ skills into nine categories, which, in the case of students, include more than fifty sub-skills from the NEP’s cognitive, affective and psychomotor skill sets. The ZQ diagnostic test is an inter-active, internationally validated assessment to measure these skills and enables schools to provide students with an accurate 360-degree progress report card.

The ZQ diagnostic test also includes self-assessment, peer assessment and parent-assessment whilst tracking the progress of the students throughout their school years as per NEP 2020 (Section 4.35).

This programme is most suitable for students aged 11 years and above.

Why ZQ diagnostic?

  • The diagnostic test assesses future-readiness skills and supports the student’s ZQ 360-degree report, which can be relied upon by schools and higher education institutions across the world when trying to gain a holistic and comprehensive picture of their interests, skills and abilities.
  • These reports are analysed by ZQ facilitators, who give free guidance to help the student grow and, as a result, be better equipped for the future.
  • The student can engage with the programme at their own pace, saving and re-starting as they move forward.
  • Improving one’s ZQ is a continuous process. Each participant receives a 9D-report which is created with the use of a proprietary Machine Learning (ML) recommendation algorithm and is mapped to the NEP’s 360-degree ‘progress card’.

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