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Zamit offers a unique Professional Development Programme for teachers that includes:

  • iTERM (International Teaching Excellence and Relevance Management Programme) :This comprehensive programme is suitable for teachers teaching classes 3 and above. The programme empowers teachers to guide students to success. The iTERM Programme includes:
    • Measure & Analyse – TERM (Teaching Excellence and Relevance Management) is an AI-enabled analysis of over 70 Teaching and professional skills required to guide students for success in the 21st century that are classified under Zamit’s proprietary Nine Dimensions. Teachers receive a TERM Score mapped to the research-based CIFR (the world standard). and the School receives a School report.
    • CPD – A Continuous Professional Development Programme that includes a set of five, Teacher training programmes on new and emerging areas, Action Research activity, Guided self-learning, Interactions with national and international experts, curated resources and more. The programme focuses on the Nine Dimensions and is mapped to the Regulated Qualifications Framework (RQF), England, Wales and Northern Ireland and certified by QAI UK. The programme can be delivered face to face in school or online as per a calendar decided by the school.
    • Impact Analysis – At the end of the iTERM programme a comprehensive analysis of ther TERM score along with outcomes of the CPDs are considered to provide a detailed and personalised report for each Teacher and an Impact analysis report to the the School to measure progress and improvement.
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