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Zamit is a UK based organisation that specialises in Skills and Knowledge Integrated Learning solutions for students and Teaching Excellence and Relevance Management activities for Teachers by using its unique and proprietary Measure, Improve and Monitor model. Zamit also undertakes AI based, Learner Analytics backed Impact Analysis for institutions.

For students, the comprehensive co-curricular 'iSKiL Programme’ helps measure, develop and improve over a sixty 21st-century skills in the context of curricular subjects, empowering them to excel academically and become lifelong learners. The innovative Zamit Quotient (ZQ) replaces traditional IQ, EQ, and SQ tests, setting a gold standard for future readiness. Additionally, scholarships are offered through The Future Foundation to support students from low-income households.

Teachers benefit from the 'iTERM Programme’ through Continuous Professional Development (CPD) designed on the proprietary TERM framework, encompassing over seventy teaching and management skills. Access to the Resource Vault, national and international Webinars and Symposia further enhance classroom support and professional growth. TERM analysis benchmarks teaching excellence and relevance management while facilitating participation in research through The Future Foundation.

Zamit collaborates with schools to customise programme delivery, fostering future-ready school ecosystems.

Partnering with QAI UK, Zamit awards international certifications mapped to the Regulated Qualifications Framework (RQF) in England, Wales and Northern Ireland (UK’s national accrediting body for regulating and approving qualifications), and provides high-quality educational content from global experts.

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