Zamit is a UK based organisation that specialises in Skills and Knowledge Integrated Learning solutions for students and Teaching Excellence and Relevance Management activities for Teachers by using its unique and proprietary Measure, Improve and Monitor model. Zamit also undertakes AI based, Learner Analytics backed Impact Analysis for institutions.

Zamit for Students is a holistic development programme that incorporates the principles of Skills and Knowledge Integrated Learning. It enables students to become efficient and independent lifelong learners and fosters the development of over one hundred 21st-century skills alongside their regular school subjects. Zamit’s programmes for students employ a state-of-the-art, proprietary benchmarking framework called Zamit Quotient (ZQ), which is the latest and most advanced future readiness quotient that goes far beyond traditional tests such as IQ, EQ, and SQ.

Zamit for Teachers is a comprehensive programme specifically designed for the modern-day teacher responsible for shaping the lives of Gen Z and Gen Alpha. It offers Continuous Professional Development (CPD) programmes and the analysis of over seventy teaching and relevance management skills using a research-based proprietary framework called TERM (Teaching Excellence and Relevance Management). Participating teachers get access to a very rich Resource Vault that they can use for teaching and self-development. They can also partake in webinars and symposia delivered by world experts as well as get recognised for their outstanding contributions to teaching and learning.

Zamit, in association with its Corporate Social Responsibility partner, The Future Foundation (a not-for-profit body), provides scholarships for students who come from low-income households but possess exceptional potential. It also offers grants for teachers to conduct original research in Skills and Knowledge Integrated Learning domains, which is mapped to Zamit’s Nine Dimensions for Students (ZQ) and Teachers (TERM).

Along with its academic partner, QAI, a UK-based, leading international awarding, accrediting, assessing and quality assurance body, Zamit offers international certifications for all its programmes. This includes GETS – the only English language assessment that measures general English, subject language and oral communication skills with results mapped to the CEFR, the international standard for describing language ability. QAI, UK, also provides Zamit with high-quality educational content developed by national and international experts.

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