In the digital age, teachers need to remain updated with the new-age teaching methodologies and practices required to prepare Gen Z and Gen Alpha for success in the 21st century.

Zamit brings a range of professional development programmes and support for teachers to help them remain up-to-date and relevant. These include CPD programmes, Webinars, Symposia, Research Grants, Resource Vaults and more.

TERM Analysis TERM Analysis

TERM, or Teaching Excellence and Relevance Management, analyses over 70 relevant teaching and classroom management skills of 21st-century teachers, enabling them to guide Gen Z and Gen Alpha towards success in the future.

  • World’s first teaching excellence measurement, improvement and monitoring framework.
  • Developed with deep research over 3 years with international and national research teams.
  • An instant and personalised report (over 30 pages)
  • Provides access to Resource Vault
Continuous Professional Development Programmes for Teachers Continuous Professional Development Programmes for Teachers

Zamit, in association with QAI UK, offers a range of Continuous Professional Development Programmes (CPD) that focus on new and emerging topics to help meet the requirement of annual CPD hours. The CPDs will help teachers:

  • gain practical knowledge and skills required for new-age teaching-learning.
  • understand how to integrate technology into teaching.
  • receive tips on implementing innovative teaching methods.
  • understand how to integrate skills with subject teaching.

... and more.

Portfolio of Academic & Professional Achievements for Teachers Portfolio of Academic & Professional Achievements for Teachers

With the growing need for having digital identify of professionals, Zamit welcomes teachers to create and share their professional profile that will include:

  • Academic and Professional achievements & certification.
  • Listing of recognitions, awards, scholarships, grants, and other professional honours.
  • Repository of new and innovative teaching and management activities introduced by the teacher.
  • Videos and pictures.

... and more

Research Grants Research Grants

Zamit, in association with The Future Foundation, a not-for-profit body, offers research grants to independent teachers to carry out original research. This initiative is part of Zamit’s Teacher Ambassador Programme which aims to empower teachers to become ambassadors for future readiness.

  • Research proposals operate during the academic year.
  • Research is aligned to Zamit Nine Dimensions
  • Successful proposals will receive a research grant.
Ambassador Programmes Ambassador Programmes

Zamit offers a unique programme that allows teachers to enrol and become Brand Ambassadors and leaders promoting future readiness in school students. The programme empowers teachers with unique benefits, some of the highlights of the Ambassadors Programme include:

  • eligibility for research grant from the future foundation.
  • special offers for CPD programmes with certification from QAI, UK.
  • multiple opportunities to support students to become future-ready.
  • opportunity to enhance their professional profile
Webinars & Symposia Webinars & Symposia

Zamit offers a range of interactive webinars and symposia, for teachers, enabling them to remain current with new teaching-learning methods and developments. The symposia have national and international experts sharing their experiences and knowledge. The highlights of the symposia are:

  • 45-60 minutes interactive sessions with live Q & A.
  • new age, current topics.
  • links to CPD programmes.
  • certification from QAI UK.
Resource Vault Resource Vault

Zamit offers teachers access to a rich and ever-growing resources vault. The resource vault holds over 1,500 hours of curated and original content. The Resource Vault includes the following:

  • up-to-date news and events on educational matters.
  • articles and blogs.
  • curated and original videos and podcasts.
  • workshops, webinars & symposia.
  • professional development resources.
  • interaction with national and international experts.

…and more