Zamit Promote

For Schools
A digital platform for schools to promote and share achievements, list internal and inter school events and activities that can be viewed by Zamit users across the world. With over a hundred thousand active users, growing each day, this is the perfect platform to showcase schools without getting lost in the clutter of advertising

  • Digital platform with user friendly access
  • Self- access for member schools
  • Worldwide visibility with notification
  • Sponsored ads in daily updated feed
  • Cost effective and smart (measurable & trackable)
  • Get user data insights through ongoing data analysis

For Service providers / vendors
With more than a hundred thousand users your product will go everywhere and users can select and express an interest in buying your product at the click of a button

  • Cost effective & quick go to market
  • Smart customers start the search on line
  • Reach new users and customers
  • Serve new and relevant markets
  • Meet customers where they wish to explore and buy
  • Beat your competition by giving easy access
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