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ZQ : zamit Quotient

zamit Quotient is the world’s first Future Ready indexing system based on a specially designed algorithm built with end user participation and several future ready indicators for schools and school stakeholders.

ZQ is customised for institutions and individuals.

ZQ is derived from a set of questions relevant to different stakeholders.

Key indicators for schools:

  • Focus is on educational best practices, processes and systems
  • Considers innovative delivery, co-curricular programmes and technology integration

Key indicators for Individuals:

  • Life skills, adaptability and critical thinking
  • Communication, collaboration & application
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ZQ : Unique Features

The zamit Quotient of an academic institution quantifies and illustrates the school’s transparency, student progress and career readiness.

An individual’s zamit Quotient is the sum total of their future ready life skills. 

A Step Ahead

World’s first measurable future ready index for schools, parents, students and teachers that is data driven

User Involvement

The only school edtech solution that involves the end user from its conception to its launch

Dynamic Score

The score can be re-evaluated on a continuum as the school or individual build on their future ready parameters

360 Degree Approach

Everything that contributes to the school’s or individuals’ Future Readiness are considered, which go beyond just technology integration


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